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RentinCloud is a cloud car rental software that manages short and long term rentals and it doesn’t need any sort of installation or local maintenance and guarantees a quick and efficient rental.

RentinCloud works anywhere and on any device (PC, tablet and smartphone) thanks to its responsive design

RentinCloud offers:

  • Personal data (Costumers, Vehicles, Agents, Suppliers)

  • Contracts and Bills

  • Bookings

  • Infraction fines

  • Rental Movements

  • Maintenance Alerts

  • Invoicing and integration with external bookkeeping system

  • Online Booking directly on your website

  • Dashboard for fleet control

  • Business Intelligence for real - time data tracking

  • NEW! Franchising nets

  • NEW! Possibility to create a responsive website

  • NEW! Our software is 100% GDPR Compliance