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RentinCloud, the car rental software is an innovative and complete solution that offers several advantages for the management of your car rental business:

1. No server needed

RentinCloud is fully cloud based and requires no software installation. It can be used anytime and on all devices including PC, iPad and smartphones. You won’t need a specific server or any sort of installation. All you need is the Internet!

2. Easy and smart

Easy to use, because the solution is user-friendly, and our support team provides free training and continuous support trough our email assistance.

3. Low price

You pay only what you need through monthly or annual leases which can change according to your business flow

4. GDPR Compliance

RentinCloud is GDPR ready! It fully adheres to the new European law requirements. Rentincloud allows contemporary access to workers, branches, agents and, if you want, customers. Each one of them will see only what you want them to.

5. Planning and monitoring

Since it works on any device, it gives you the chance to check, manage and serve you customers in any situation.

Rentincloud offers:

  • Online booking on your website

  • No restriction on number of users

  • No restriction on number of branches / locations

  • Dashboard for fleet management

  • Booking toll for hotels and travel agencies

  • Business Intelligence for complete fleet and invoicing reports

Software Gestione noleggio|Eidos RentInCloud - Software gestionale autonoleggio